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My Projects
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Storango - A Sharing Community Platform written in Meteor / MongoDB / Cordova / Bootstrap / ES6
XXL garden configurator - Written in meteor / MongoDB / threejs
mamadata - is a administrative website for the Sharana Foundation . Written in Rails / FoundationCSS / SQLite / Jquery
featurely - Create, dicsuss and vote for features in Open Source Projects. Written in Meteor / MongoDB / Semantic-UI / Jquery
Hedge configurator - Order the Hedge you want in a fast and easy way. Written in Jquery/MySQL/PHP
whatsMeteor - A WhatsApp clone written in Meteor / Cordova / MongoDB / materialize CSS
Garden configurator - Create the Garden you want and order it. Written in Jquery / PHP
KiekMol - Share your Favourite places with your friends and the KiekMol community. Written in Rails / MongoDB / Jquery
Ground-cover plant configurator - Chosse and order you Favourite plant. Jquery / PHP
HyLos - the hypermedia learning Object system is a Content Management System for elearning material. Written in Java
Epizoid - Forgot what episode of Game of Thrones you watched last ? Episzoid will tell you! Written in Rails / MySQL / Meteor / MongoDB / Nodejs
Void - A Story about an astronaut and his dog. Written in Jquery / pandaJS
Contractor/ElementaryOS - Contractor is a service and a protocol for exposing services easily between apps. Written in Vala / python
About Me
Bachelor thesis

Evaluation of the Meteor Platform on the basis of a reference Application


The following thesis is concerned with the Meteor Platform and the underlying reactive programming paradigms. This thesis questions whether the Meteor platform is suited for collaborative real-time web applications. It will be investigate what Reactive Programming is. Further, a taxonomy for reactive programming frameworks and platforms will be created and four frameworks/platforms will be evaluated. On this basis there will be a examination of the reactive programming parts of Meteor. The penultimate chapter concerns the implementation of a prototype in Meteor. In the last chapter presents a conclusion and outlook.



Keep in mind that the Thesis was Written pre meteor 1.0. So parts can be out of date.

Das Ritual - A Shoot'em Up Written in phaserjs
Grocery list - Written in Meteor/MongoDB/Jquery
questli - Create questions for your attendees and evolute them. Written in Meteor/MongoDB/Jquery/Threejs
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